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Mission: Critical Sustainability Issues for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Safety, Security, Proliferation Risk Reduction

Nonproliferation Detection

Creating Knowledge and Information to Inform National Policy Decisions

  • Nuclear Forensics
    • Database Development: Surrogate Measurements on Activation Products in Steel
    • Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometry
    • Policy Discussion

Enhanced Waste Disposition

Advanced Fuel Cycle Concepts

  • Thorium-based fuel cycle options

o existing thorium reactor design - PWR, BWR, HWR, FBR and HTGR - experience and utilization performance

o new thorium reactor designs and expected performance - Thorium-PBR, MSBR, small thorium reactors

o useful thorium fuel cycle options - once through U-Th and Pu/Th fuel cycles

o proliferation and security issues related to thorium cycle

o front- and back -end issues - fuel fabrication, reprocessing, waste management

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