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The 3rd UC Forum Program and Talk Recordings

The 3rd Asia Pacific Forum on Emerging Non-Proliferation and Security Challenges in Nuclear Energy - Near and Long Term Solutions
Thursday, June 11, and Friday, June 12, 2009
Berkeley, California

Assuming that the global energy demand will be increasingly supplied by nuclear-generated power, what advances in technology and governance are needed to mitigate unintended proliferation and physical security risks and achieve sustainability? The Forum will consider the key implications of a projected nuclear renaissance on the proliferation-resistance and physical protection aspects with emphasis on the back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle. The agenda will be organized to elicit discussion on emerging issues of technology and governance that need to be considered in the next 4-8 year time period to ensure success in the future.

This is the third in a series of joint UC Campus and National Laboratory science and technology forums at Berkeley that emphasize performance-based design for nuclear energy systems, by integrating the compliance-based design aspects with international objectives of security and sustainability. The ultimate goal of these forums is the establishment of a Berkeley Institute for Nuclear Science, Technology and Policy, which will facilitate multidisciplinary and collaborative research by faculty, non-faculty professional researchers, post-doctoral scholars and young professionals.

Recognizing the global issues of sustainability, safety and security, and the need to address non-proliferation standards in nuclear power systems, the Third Forum includes invited participants from China, India, Japan, Korea, France, Russia and representatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Forum will bring together approximately seventy experts and leaders from industry, universities, national laboratories, government, and international organizations to identify non-proliferation objectives and how they can be integrated as safe, secure, and sustainable nuclear energy systems. The four Forum sessions will address the integration of sustainability, safety, and security in the following key measures:

Global Perspectives About the Proliferation Risk of Nuclear Energy Expansion
Emerging Proliferation-Resistance and Physically Secure Technologies
Domestic and International Governance & Regulations
Meeting the Challenges in Non-Proliferation and Physical Security



Thursday, June 11, DAY 1

Friday, June 12, DAY 2

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