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6th Asia Pacific Forum AGENDA

October 2

Session I Workshop Goals and Energy Background


9:30 Introduction of Participants and Workshop Goals: Tom Blees, President , SCGI

10:00 Inadequacy of Non-nuclear Alternatives to power Modern Society: Barry Brook, University of Adelaide, Australia

10:30 Implications of Fukushima and Future Prospects for Nuclear Energy: Yoichi Fuji-ie, Former Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission of Japan

10:00 IEA Positions and Prognostications on the Role of Nuclear Power in Coming Decades: Nobuo Tanaka, Former Director, International Energy Agency

Session II Advanced Fast Reactor Programs and Status

10:30 The Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) and Pyroprocessing: Yoon Chang, Argonne Distinguished Fellow and Co-author of Plentiful Energy


11:30 The Current status of PRISM: Bob Berglund, General Electric-Hitachi (retired), formerly director of the original PRISM development project.

12:00 Lunch Break

13:00 Status of China Experimental Fast Reactor and Future Plans: Xu Mi, Chief Engineer of Experimental Fast Reactor Program, China institute of Atomic Energy

13:30 The Status of Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor Program in Korea: Dohee Hahn, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

Session III Related Programs

14:00 Britain’s Plutonium Issue and Solution Options: Clive Nixon, strategy manager at Britain’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, where he is leading the UK plutonium disposition project.

14:30 The Current Status of Australia's Nuclear program: Adi Paterson, Director, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO)

15:00 Break and refreshments

15:20 Nuclear Options for Sweden: Speaker to be announced

15:50 Status of Advanced Nuclear R&D in China: Xia Haihong, Vice President, State Nuclear Power Research Institute, China

16:20 Status of Nuclear R&D and Policy/Plans in Canada: Dan Meneley, retired chief engineer of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd, past chairman of Canada’s Defence Science Advisory Board, and past member of the IAEA’s first International Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee.

16:50 Adjourn

17:00 Per Peterson's Tour of Thermal Hydraulics & HTR Research Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley (optional)

October 3

Session IV International Cooperation

9:30 Perspectives From the IAEA Fast Reactor Working Group: Tim Abram, Director, Center for Nuclear Energy Technology, University of Manchester; UK representative to IAEA’s International Working Group on Fast Reactors

10:00 Moving Ahead with Metal-fueled Fast Reactors with International Cooperation: Evgeny Velikhov, Former President, Kurchatov Institute, Russia

10:30 Future Direction of International Cooperation of Fast Reactor Development and Deployment: Soon Heung Chang, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

11:00 Personnel Issues – Training the Future Nuclear Professionals: Jasmina Vujic, co-director of the Berkeley Nuclear Research Center and past chair of the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Berkeley.

11:30 General discussion of topics relating to international deployment of fast reactor systems.

12:00 Lunch break


13:00 Nuclear Power in the USA – Looking Forward: Per Peterson, Professor of Nuclear Engineering at UC Berkeley and member of the Dept. of Energy’s Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future.

Session V Round Table Discussions (Moderator: Ron Gester)

13:30 to 17:30 Topics to be announced

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