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Jasmina Vujic


Prof. Jasmina Vujic

Co-Director, BNRC

Professor, Nuclear Engineering Department, UC Berkeley

  • Education

    B.Sc. - Electrical and Nuclear Engineering, University of Belgrade, 1977
    M.Sc. - Engineering Physics, University of Belgrade, 1984
    M.Sc. - Nuclear Science, University of Michigan, 1987
    Ph.D. - Nuclear Science, University of Michigan, 1990

  • Field of specialization and areas of interest

    Numerical methods in reactor physics, neutron and photon transport, reactor core design and analysis, shielding and radiation protection, biomedical application of radiation, optimization techniques for vector and parallel computers

    Forefront 1994 Research Highlights: Neutron Particles Under Scrutiny. This article by Nancy Bronstein in Forefront 1994 gives an overview of Prof. Vujic's work on the development of GTRAN2, a state-of-the-art reactor core modelling code.

    Pro New Nuke: In April, Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, standing before members of the U.S. Congress, stated that "nuclear energy is the only non-greenhouse-gas-emitting power source that can effectively replace fossil fuels and satisfy global demand." In last month's issue of Technology Review, 1960s icon Stewart Brand, creator of the Whole Earth Catalog, wrote that "the only technology ready to fill the gap and stop the carbon dioxide loading of the atmosphere is nuclear power." Many environmentalists are none-too-thrilled at these public comments from their allies, current or former. On the other hand, UC Berkeley professor Jasmina Vujic is thrilled. According to her research, Moore and Brand are absolutely right.

  • Teaching and Research

    Professor Vujic teaches undergraduate courses in introduction to nuclear engineering, introduction to nuclear reactor theory, and radiation protection and control, as well as graduate courses in nuclear reactor theory, and numerical methods in reactor design and analysis. Her research interests include development of advanced numerical methods for the neutronic analysis of nuclear reactors, radiation shielding, and medical applications of radiation; neutron and photon transport theory; reactor core design and analysis; optimization techniques for vector and parallel computing systems. Recently, she and Prof. Prussin developed a new Bionuclear and Radiological Physics option within the Engineering Science/ Bioengineering Program.

  • Specific ongoing research projects include the following

    Neutronics Analysis of Fissile Material Behavior in Geologic Repositories

    Computer Modeling for Radiation Diagnostic and Cancer Therapy

    Development of Multiprocessor Multiassembly Neutron Transport Theory Code

    Development and Validation of the GT-SCALE Code Package for
    Advanced Rector Core Designs

    Development of a Unified Multidimensional Computational Method for Neutral Particle in Complex Non-Uniform Domains

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