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Sara Scott

Sara_ScottAs division leader of Los Alamos' Nuclear Nonproliferation Division, Scott is actively engaged with nuclear national security initiatives and has been involved in numerous counterterrorism, homeland security and nonproliferation efforts, including nuclear material safeguards, countering nuclear smuggling and identification of unconventional nuclear threats. Scott received her doctorate from Iowa State University. She was a National Science Foundation - NATO Postdoctoral Fellow at the Max-Plank Institut für Kohlenforschung, Germany.

Scott was previously the associate center director for radiological and nuclear threats at Los Alamos' Center for Homeland Security, the program manager for arms control and nonproliferation at Los Alamos, and the group leader for Inorganic Trace Analysis.Scott has worked on Russian programs, including serving as the multi-laboratory project leader for the Mining and Chemical Combine (Krasnoyarsk-26) Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration Materials Protection and Control Project, and as the Los Alamos project leader for the DOE/NNSA Second Line of Defense program. Scott has contributed to Chemistry Division at Los Alamos in the areas of low-dimensional material synthesis and characterization, analytical chemistry of nuclear materials and development of new technologies for nuclear threat reduction.