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Carolyn Jean Mac Kenzie

Carolyn Jean Mac Kenzie

Lawrence Livermore National laboratory, International Nuclear Materials Protection

• MS Biophysics 1984 , UCD

• Board Certified Health Physicist since 1988

• 33 years Health Physics experience; 7 years international experience; 3 years International Atomic Energy Agency experience

• LLNL Health Physicist 15 years; IAEA Orphan Source Project Lead 2004-2007

• LLNL Africa Team Project Lead- Leads LLNL team in effort to secure radiological and nuclear sources in Africa for NNSA/ Global Threat Reduction Initiative

• Serve as a Orphan Source Search expert to IAEA,US DOE/ NNSA and foreign countries. Led efforts to develop strategic plans to locate orphan sources in >35 countries (Former Soviet Union countries, Balkans, China and Africa)