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Ryan M Bergmann

Ryan received his Bachelor of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering  from MIT in 2008 and his Master of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering  from MIT in 2009.  His research interests are computational method development and reactor analysis.

Marija Miletic

Marija_MileticMarija Miletic graduated in June 2009 in “Theory and Technology of Nuclear Reactors” from the Department of Nuclear Reactors, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, of the Czech Technical University, in Prague. In October 2009, she began her PhD studies at the same department focusing on deterministic and Monte Carlo methods in nuclear reactor analysis. In the future she would like to apply DRAGON code to IRT-4M fuel assembles which are used in the VR-1 training reactor operated by the Department of Nuclear Reactors, in Prague. In order to learn more about computational simulation methods she came to UC Berkeley as the visiting short term scholar and is affiliated with the Department of Nuclear Engineering UC Berkeley.

Sara Mattafirri

Sara Mattafirri received a Laurea Degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Pisa, Italy in 2002. She worked as Scientific Engineer at the Fermi National Laboratory and at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on the development of high field superconducting magnets until, in the year 2005, she was admitted to the Ph.D. study program in Nuclear Engineering at the University of California Berkeley. She was a Graduate Student Research Fellow at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and a Visiting Scholar at the Enrico Fermi Physics Department of the University of Pisa. She is working on her dissertation on Compton imaging, an emission imaging modality for cancer diagnosis and environmental radiation monitoring.

Denia Djokic

Denia_DjokicDenia Djokic received her Bachelor of Science in Physics at Carnegie Mellon University in 2005. Right away she began pursuing a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. She received her Master of Science degree in 2007, under the guidance of Prof. Joonhong Ahn, on the Environmental Impact of Yucca Mountain Repository After UREX+1a Separation. Denia is an Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management (OCRWM) fellow since 2007. She was the president of the American Nuclear Society Berkeley Student Section in 2008-09. Her doctoral research is being performed under the guidance of Prof. Jasmina Vujic in collaboration with the Systems Losses Study at Idaho National Laboratory, which investigates tradeoffs in the nuclear fuel cycle based on impurities in various material streams. Denia is working on modeling waste disposition pathways in the study's Systems Losses Assessment Model (SLAM) and is investigating the connection between losses, potential intermediate-level waste criteria and overall system cost.

Graduate Student Research Assistants


Name Advisor Photo

Charalampos Andreades

 Harry Andreades
Cameron Bates Cameron1
Ryan M Bergmann Bergman
Daniel Bond Kai Vetter Bond

Alejandra Jolodosky

Lazar Supic Kai Vetter Supic_Lazar
Ryan Yee
Jasmina Vujic Yee_Ryan
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